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    Redesign of Randstad - Design system, UX design & way of working

Make Randstad a human-centric business where teams are able to deliver validated concepts designed to fit their customer's needs.

How we did it:
We co-created Randstad's design system and redefined the entire way of working by placing Randstad's user in the centre of everything they do. Over the course of 16 months we worked with their digital teams, PO’s and managers to enable them to increase consistency and improve lean methodology assuring efficiency across their IT and Marketing organisation. 

Our collaboration has helped Randstad to deliver their 'Human Forward’ promise to their talents, clients and internal staff thanks to products designed around their needs.

This project was a collaboration between:

UX - Jochem van der Veer 
Strategy - Martin Palamarz 
Engineering - Charles Beaumont
Branding - Huge Inc.
Visual Design - Sabine Bezuijen
Engineering - Randstad NL