Tenanan Zine is a DIY zine collective, collaboration illustration and typography. 
A side project of three young man with a background of ex Graphic Design students 
who are bored with monotonous and stressful daily routines. The zine that is made 
because of boredom sees a crowd that mixes with films that are offered by greedy 
capitalists who become the standard of coolness and popularity in social media. 

Film only the excitement in the visuals presented, which gives less nostalgia. In this zine 
we want people back to the beginning, trying to give an understanding of what we consume 
so far, which initially was a tertiary need to be a secondary need. Actually, what have you 
watched all this time? Why does the subjectivity of the film fade among the current 
generation ? The film is art as well as entertainment. In this zine we provide the same 
information treats but through 4 views that the reader can choose for themselves. 
This is intended to show the subjectivity of the film itself.
M Alif Prihambodo and Rian Kuncoro Jati made illustrations for cover and back cover and for 
fanart chapter. There were Ten favorite movies from the many movies I illustrated. And I'm sure 
these movies aren't unfamiliar to you guys.
Illustrator : M Alif Prihambodo, Rian Kuncoro Jati
Copywriter : Tazki Adi P., M Faathir Fachrozi
Editorial and Layout : M Faathir Fachrozi
Editor : M Alif Prihambodo
Contributor : Roufy Nasution, & Yoan Diara Yurizka
Photo Zine : Arfan Deniansyah, M Alif Prihambodo, & Muhammad Hidayat
Participated in exhibition “Singapore Artbook Fair Exhibition 2018, 
curated by Squel Zine, at NTU CCA Singapore.

Tenanan Zine VOL. 02

Tenanan Zine VOL. 02