Bharat Floorings and Tiles : Brand Story

BFT Story : from Craft to Luxury
Brand Story + Design + Animation 

Bharat Flooring and Tiles is a 100 year old tile making company. The company had grown organically and had seen many phases of change.
The first challenge was the sheer volume of information to funnel into a focused piece of communication.
The other challenge was to find a visual language which resonated with their brand without belonging to any specific range or era.

We narrowed down to three most important points that needed to be communicated.
1. the Heritage & History.
2. the handmade tile making process
3. the diversity of design and presence.

We developed a visual style that is so unique and completely derived from the product itself. We tested the design language further by shooting live action and worked with it as another element in our palette.

The film shares the story of their roots and how they grew from a handmade craft to a luxury product. They are now collaborating with fantastic designers and are a preferred product of top architects and discerning patrons.
The film was released in their hosted events and showcased in Edida India 2018. 
Elle Decor has gone on to sharing the film on their platforms. Both are avenues to reaching out to their target clients who are architects and high end realty developers. While everyone knew about their tiles and quality, very few knew about the 100 year old heritage of the brand. Fewer still knew that the company was started as part of the Swarajya movement. 

We are in the process of creating mini films derived from this one.
Please keep checking in as we will be updating this section.

concept, story & script

The Brand was working with a tag line " Every Floor tells a story". We decided to build on that. 
BFT floors have become a staple in a lot of fancy restaurants in Mumbai and India. 
The film opens on  a BFT floor and travels back in time. We journey through the story and traverse different eras through the floors. The brand is exploring new areas of application and innovation leading to whole new possibilities so we needed to have a very open ended close for the film.

initial storyboard and style frames

We started with style frames and found ourselves lost in a mess of just too much
We only retained the story flow and started exploring new directions. 


The film was intentionally designed using nothing else except the actual tiles, vintage photographs and the footage we shot for it.

We have used photos of the actual handmade tiles that they produce and also created digital version to help in transitions. The family shared a rare memory with us with a note about how they spent their days in the original factory in a small fishing village off the coast of Mumbai. 
The vintage photographs of the original factory inspired the collage style visual style to develop. 

This is the actual photograph

Then and now
To show the founders from more than 100 years ago, any illustrative style was looking like caricature and the only pictures we had were very low resolution. We wanted to use the marriage of vintage and BFT tiles many times over the film. This was just the right moment to do that! 
We love Firdaus and the BFT team to join in the fun and allow us the freedom to do this exploration to bring the then into the now.



new things to resolve

shoot storyboard

details matter
We had leapt into a style that we had never seen before. We needed to create the same look for all the people within the film. The only way to do that is to shoot those elements and treat them like the vintage stills.

The textures used in their clothing are photographs of the actual tiles.

opening sequence

process sequence

the trippy walk

making of film coming soon!

Credits :
BFT team : Firdaus Variava, Mrs. Variava, Komal Gilder 
Director & Producer : Upasana, SWITCH
Branding : Idea Spice Design 
Design & Storyboard : Upasana, SWITCH
Animation : Upasana, Kunal, SWITCH
Shoot ; Upasana, Kunal, SWITCH
Actors : Kunal Rao, Nilesh Ahire, Amit Patankar , Neha Bharadwaj, Bonita Roy, Shreya Chhabra, Mamta Khanna IDEA SPICE DESIGN
Voice Over : Neejee Chhabra
Sound Recording & Mix : Anish, SongBird Studios
Music : Stock
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Bharat Floorings and Tiles : Brand Story

Bharat Floorings and Tiles : Brand Story

Bharat Flooring and Tiles is a 100 year old Indian company. We helped them tell their story of how they grew from a hand made craft with a small Read More


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