Multidimensional digital system to enhance self-management in CV risk prevention programs

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD's) are the leading cause of death worldwide. While metabolic factors such as age and gender affect greatly, most of the CV events can be prevented by addressing behavioral risk factors such as physical inactivity, smoking or bad diet.CV prevention programs aim to reduce the burden of these conditions by providing guidance to individuals and predict negative outcomes, but adherence to these programs rely heavily on individual capabilities and intrinsic drivers.

Self-Evaluation Stage (Risk Factors)

The proposed product-service system enables self-management of risk prevention programs by tracking progress and adapting to interactions with the app. The product enables self-assessment and individual strategies for each risk factor as well as connectivity for future appointments in the prevention program.Based on different personality types, the system tailors the tone of information presented to the user to nudge and motivate the user with intrinsic drivers and capabilities such as health literacy.

Information is shown in a layered overview. It is expected that the level of interactions changes depending on the type of user.

Concept UI and Interactive Mock up

Design process:
User Journey and Behavioral archetypes (Personas)

Service Blueprint

Concept storyboard