SOONJEONG CLASS is a photo studio and also photography academy brand, is named after the photographer, Soonjeong Yu (Korean Meaning : Constant Love). SOONJEONG CLASS pursues the photography as an art that its value will be kept the same and its beauty will never be changed over time. In addition, It is a brand that provides systematic and in-depth photo training programs for customers who lean photography techniques to record their beautiful moments of their everyday life through photo as a media.


SOONJEONG CLASS needed a differentiated brand identity  including logo, color system, typography, tone/mood of photo to create a more professional and systematic brand image. SOONJEONG CLASS’s brand identity has renewed by inheriting existing brand visual assets, serif-style logo and light pink color.

Hand Frame Gesture

In order to build a new brand identity, We analyzed the work habits of Soonjeong Yu. Whenever she takes a picture, she sets the angle of view and composition of the picture with the subject in mind through the hand gesture. We have focused on this point and created a logo that combines her signature hand frame and brand name to capture the constant moments of everyday life with photos and express the brand characteristics of SOONJEONG CLASS.

Aperture Priority

SOONJEONG CLASS emphasizes the highly focused attentions on the objects and the surrounding light. In particular, We defined the key visual of SOONJEONG CLASS by focusing on her philosophy that ‘photography is all about the light and the art that contains the focused subject’.
As the depth of filed becomes shallow when the aperture is opened and the depth of filed becomes deep when the aperture is tightened, the beauty that customers pursue through this brand becomes clearer by using sharp images as the duplicate of the brand logo. Then the customer’s identities would become clearer.

Never underestimate the pink

As we renewed brand identity, We actively inherited existing brand design asset, light pink color. Previous SOONJEONG CLASS used light pink color and pastel-based color to convey the feminine and emotional brand image of photographer 'Soonjeong Yu’. Now, the new brand identity of SOONJEONG CLASS utilizes silver color in light pink to indicate professional brand image.  

Between Educator and Photographer

SOONJEONG CLASS’s brand image is strongly influenced by images from photographer who provide photo education, in addition to products / services provided by the brand. Therefore, We developed personal identity in accordance with new brand-oriented image such as tone, make-up, fashion styling of photographer Soonjeong Yu.

Sincere, Multi-Sensory, Intuitive

SOONJEONG CLASS provides a random welcome kit with a variety of objects for customers to get new inspiration from everyday life, and it also displays pictures taken by customers and puts them together in a frame so that they can keep beautiful moments of everyday life.
In addition, the photographs taken by Soonjeong Yu are also edited as postcards. Each postcard contains recommended music title, musician and the date and location of photo shoot, so that customers can enjoy the photo in sympathetic way. SNS also allow you to enjoy photos in a richer sense by combining the pictures and sounds taken by the photographer Soonjeong Yu. In addition, the photography, which is difficult for general customers to understand, was reprocessed according to the level of the general public, and hierarchical typography and descriptive images were arranged to create more understandable and thoughtful educational materials.

Rebranding, June 2018

Founder                                 Soonjeong Yu
Art Direction / Design            Tyodi Hyojin Lee
Photography                          Soonjeong Yu
Styling                                    Hayoung Jung


Constant Moment, SOONJEONG CLASS

Constant Moment, SOONJEONG CLASS

SOONJEONG CLASS is a photo studio and also photography academy brand, is named after the photographer, Soonjeong Yu (Korean Meaning : Constant Lo Read More


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