This Coastal Jazz Fall Brochure was created as a case study of multi-page layout design.

Coastal Jazz is a non-profit organization that encourages a wide spectrum of music in the community. It contributes to Vancouver’s vibrant culture by supporting year-round music programming initiatives and taking creative music to parks, community centres, concert halls, clubs and much more. This brochure highlights the summer 2010 concert series in a fun, eye catching way.

The movement of imagery and line throughout the spreads give a vibrancy and life to the brochure that plays with the readers sight line to move and flow through the spreads. The graphics are bright and paired with a light yellow background to emphasize movement and positivity while keeping it sophisticated. The typefaces are clean and modern, which give the spreads stability, while the doubled titles reinforce the concept of “The Movement of Sound”. This brochure is sure to encourage many people to take part in the many events Coastal Jazz has to offer.