Skyline Condominiums was created as a case study for branding and multi-page layout design.

Skyline is a condominium company in the Vancouver, Yaletown area. The condominiums are designed in a very contemporary style on both the inside and outside. All the materials in the condo are high quality and the interior details are the most modern developments. This brochure needed to showcase this in a reader friendly way, while still giving an emotional impact.

The concept for the brochure is “The World of Tomorrow” which shows the innovative spirit behind the company. The lines connecting titles to type and pictures represent an abstract time line which focuses on the idea of the future and leads the eye around the spread. All the imagery has a glow effect with low colour saturation to give it a contemporary and dreamy feel. The typeface used for subtitles and body copy give a very modern, playful and slightly industrial feel. While the headers give a sense of nostalgia.