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Better Social Thesis
Better Social
Social Ergonomics Graduate Thesis
Inspired by the discrepancy between our online and offline personas and the resulting poor quality of communication online, my graduate thesis sought to find a way to create a more unified identity for users in both the physical and virtual space. The culmination of my research and work is Better Social. Primarily a developer's app, Better Social provides a social platform that allows developers to add in specifically designed behavioral defaults to existing or emerging media with minimal additional programming. This helps assimilate new devices into the cultural ecosystem and provides a working guide for using them properly.
User interface design, promotional posters, interactive self-mailer, social network integration and interactive digitial ads, website and app store collateral, out-of-home advertising, promotional items, future integration, and book design.
To play with the interactive app prototype, please click here.
Poster Series
City-wide poster series featuring network-specific messages and visuals.
Developer's App
Better Social works primarily through a developer's app designed to help users:
- Manage all online accounts
- Reflect on past interactions and their effects
- Build up a credible persona online and offline
The app features a login which is unique to each user, and a universal avatar selector that can be
applied to all selected social networks at once. Interactive app prototype can be found here.
The multiple network display allows you to quickly view all of your activity by timeframe, either overall or on individual networks.
Earn badges as your online standing improves, and display them publicly to show off
your achievements.
Retailer tie-ins give importance to maintaining your online standing and encourage continued
positive behavior.
Interactive Self-Mailer
Interactive self-mailer features a take on the messages in the city-wide poster series. Pulling the tab of this self-mailer reveals the campaign message and an alternate visual.
Interactive Online Ad
A simple jQuery code turns any partner site into an interactive ad. Taking advantage of the full page display is 70% more effective than regular online banners, and fits particularly well into the overall message of the Better Social campaign.
Future Uses
With the advent of augmented reality smart-swear, a user's online standing, as determined through Better Social, could be instantly shared thus completing the melding of their online and offline lives. This ensures their increased interest in upholding a more positive online persona.
Promotional Items
Promotional items to increase campaign awareness include door clings for retail partners and reusable gift bags given out at partner sites or live promotional events.
Thesis Book
Book and layout design for the research portion of the Social Ergonomics - Better Social Thesis campaign.
To see the full thesis presentation, please go here.
Better Social Thesis

Better Social Thesis

The culmination of my graduate thesis at Pratt Institute, focusing on social interaction and user identity. Includes a developer's app and its as Read More
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