The Creative Force of Wisdom - Cover Art & Typesetting
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The Creative Force Of Wisdom is a book in the works, written by my friend, Inno Davidson Ph.D. While it is being completed, I have used this project as a case study for book cover art and some typesetting.

This book presents the force of wisdom as a creative spiritual resource. The purpose of this book is to help people discover their roots and origin and guide the reader on how to get started on the road that leads to fulfilment using the wisdom God gives us. The concept “An Abstract Force of Nature” is shown on the book cover.

The tree graphic shows nature which represents a Higher Power/Creator. It is made from paint blown in different directions to support the idea of continuing movement and force. The colours are complementary and vibrant to show energy and contrast against the clean white background for a modern and pure feel. The typefaces are traditional and strong to give a visual anchor and to suite the thoughtful and theological content.