Kettle & Foods Kitchen is a food production facility in Surrey, BC. They mainly produce sauces and also some soups, dressings, and baked goods for other companies and restaurants. They wanted to start growing their business and knew that included creating a brand and web presence.

The final logo is clean, professional, and friendly. The main typeface has a balancing contrast of sharp and rounded edges that are reminiscent of shapes in the kitchen. To further that idea, the ladle was added as part of the ampersand and has a fluid wisp that finishes it while indicating steam and aroma off the food they make.

The client wanted the website to be very simple and straight forward. It is coded completely in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The design was kept very clean while complementing and highlighting the logo. All the sauces were photographed and are displayed in the sauce gallery. And, most of the pages and information on this site are intended for potential partners or clients researching into the company.