Fresh Coat A Paint is a home renovation and design company. Their expertise is in construction and also have high attention to detail providing the home owner with excellent design and decor options. This client had an initial logo and website, but needed to get them re-done to create a consistent and professional brand image.

The challenge with the logo was to find a way to show that Fresh Coat A Paint isn’t just a painting service. After many different ideas, the final logo has a very simple and bold typeface with different weights on each word to create balance and easy reading. The top portion of the logo represents the idea of blue prints and design drawings while the grey floor of the image also looks like a rooftop. The colours were kept from the previous logo as they suit the company’s mix of professionalism and creativity.

The client wanted the website to be very clean and minimalistic and to let images of the company’s work make a statement on their own. A WordPress template was chosen and customized to complement the logo, highlight the renovation images and have lots of room to grow, as the company does.