Hideaway Lounge is a case study focusing on brand development and dimensional design. It’s a fantastical tree house lounge in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia. It provides a unique social experience through location and architecture, cozy and intimate settings, high class service, and local food ingredients.

The logo identifies the tone and values of Hideaway Lounge. The elegant arbutus tree represents nature meeting sophistication. The colours help further a mood of fun and elegance with the contrast of a vibrant red and an earthy grey. And the typefaces give a strong foundation with sophistication and a contemporary quality.

The menu and packaging applications show the elegant and nostalgic feel of the brand through the illustrations, patterns, and materials. The menu is a wood two sided folding menu that is wrapped in leather giving tactile weight and sophistication. Each of the coasters glorify the whimsical illustration of a different animal that can be found in Stanley Park. Both the Coffee Press Set and the Tea Infusion Set use a characteristic animal illustration as a main visual element. The Wine Birdhouse Set is packaged in a usable birdhouse and each wine has the animal illustration to suit it’s characteristics. A burlap topper with twine on the top adds a rough tactile element to the wines that are a reminder of the childhood fort.