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Other Poets | Brand Identity | Custom Free Font


Other Poets Society is a society of literature’s underdogs, outsiders, weirdos and underground poets. They needed a unique brand identity that would communicate these qualities to their friends and audience. And sure enough, poets needed a fresh yet classic typeface!

Good old Baskerville became a starting point in the search of inspiration. I took its time-honored letter shapes and refreshed them in the contemporary fashion. Forms have become sharp and perfect; serifs went so wild that they’ve sticked together (however, you can still disconnect them via style sets). I’ve developed five weights from text-suitable Regular to eye-catching Black (plus variable format) and called it Grafier.

The logotype is based on Grafier Black and the diagonally stressed letter O. That allows us to easily change its ratio from basic to horizontal or square and make it suitable for books, posters, websites and any other media.

Full version of Grafier typeface is available!

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Other Poets | Brand Identity | Custom Free Font

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Other Poets | Brand Identity | Custom Free Font

Logotype and brand identity based on a custom serif typeface and a minimalistic color scheme. The variable free font is available for download in Read More