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today I am very excited. because after 3 weeks working, finally my third font is finished.his name is "BROMOUNT".it's the font geometry, and below I show how I made it.

I gave the name BROMOUNT because this font looks high, stand out, tough and sturdy.so I thought that the name and the mountain entered my head, haha ​​... sounds funny, when a big mountain goes into my little head. 

Ok then I found Mount Bromo, a beautiful mountain in Indonesia, my country. 
so I combined the word "Bromo" and "Mountain" to "BROMOUNT". 
BROMOUNT is very suitable to use for adventure, sports, urban, or any project to look bold, stand out and masculine. 
BROMOUNT includes Uppercase, Lettercase characters, punctuation, numerals, and standard multilingual support. 

here is an example of how my font is used for the project design adventure.

The Process
First, I sketched the paper by creating a manual grid
Then I scanned and enhanced with vector-based software and save as EPS file
From the font-making software, I imported the EPS file and set it
Finished importing and arranging character
Then, export to OpenType Font (OTF), True Type Font (TTF) or Web Font (WOFF)
And, Finish
Finally, I want to say thank you for watching my project.
Thanks Guys..
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BROMOUNT Display Sans Typeface

BROMOUNT Display Sans Typeface

Font Project font that can be used for logos, Heading, poster banners and other design projects