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  • Untitled
    acrylic on wood with lacquer coating on the elements.
    94,5cm x 105,5cm
  • Silence is Violence exhibition
    Gallery RD2D, Brussels // Belgium - 18th to 30th November 2012
    Artists: Sonke, Dimitris Ntokos, Absent, Blaqk, Don40, Greg Papagrigoriou, Maria Siorba, Pol, Simek, Sox
  • Wake up now | Ξύπνα τώρα
    acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 cm
  • Bike art exhibition vol 2 / 2012
    Bikeart.gr x Athens Bike Festival / Texnopoli, Athens - 14th to 16th September 2012
    An art exhibition with works by 25 well known Greek urban artists: Apset, Boohaha, Billy Gee, Blaqk, Brain, Hct, Ino, Jola, Kez, Kροκο, Live2, Nade, Nastwo, Norzine, Orge, Poster, Prolekulture, Pupet, Raiden, Rtm, Sake, Same84, Senor, Sive, Stupid Greg, Taxis,Yoker & WD
  • Blaqkcycle
    acrylic on canvas 1,40 x 1,00 cm
  • ||||
    Acrylics on canvas, 50 cm x 60 cm
  • Canvas for STROKE urban art fair 06 / Munich, Germany
  • ||||
    260cm x 160cm acrylics on canvas
  • SHάRE exhibition 2012
    …a word with several meanings and at the same time an opposite point of view of our era.
    With this word, 5 artists: Lune, Don40, Boohaha and Blaqk come together in the SHάRE exhibition with different personal styles, so as to join their ideas, techniques, materials and show to the public what can be achieved through collaboration, leaving behind all kinds of individualism and pointless selfishness.
  • Blaqk & Don40
    Rhino | acrylics on canvas 185cm x 135cm
  • blaqk
    80cm x 60cm, acrylics on canvas
  • blaqk
    85cm x 185cm acrylics on canvas
  • S
    Acrylic colours on canvas.
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