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    Created for the 2013 edition of the University of Minnesota Duluth's annual Out Cold Week.
Annually, the University of Minnesota Duluth hosts an "Out Cold Week" spring semester, organized by the Kirby Student Board, in which students can bond over various activities such as the Medallion Hunt, Man of the Year, and of course, the classic Polar Bear Plunge. I was fortunate enough to have been selected to design the materials for the 2013 edition of Out Cold Week (OCW), which included a logo, promotional sneak peek poster, and event calendar. The overall design direction (font, color palette, etc.) was all up to me, as long as the  Kirby Program Board approved of it, of course.
Each year the Out Cold Week has a different theme, the one for 2013 being charity. In order to capture the essence behind the spirit of charity, and to warm up the color scheme consisting of chilly hues of blues and purples, gold was incorporated into the overall color palette.
Out Cold Week 2013, Logo Design
After mulling over several different color combinations, the Program Board and I finally were able to settle on the use of a daffodil yellow, lilac, and turqouise color combination to be the most commonly used version of the logo.
Since I inititally had no idea how or what it was going to be applied to, I made sure to create a flexible logo design that could incorporate many different color combinations, including a single color version (posted below).
Promotional Poster
In order to raise excitement among the student body in anticipation for Out Cold Week, promotional posters were posted along the main hallways of the University of Minnesota Duluth.
For this portion of the project, I was only supplied with the dates and name of the event. Other than that, everything was left up to me. To make the poster (and hence, the event) more interesting, I incorporated the phrase "Don't be left Out" within the phrase "Out Cold Week". Since this was designed prior to the logo, the logo was not included.
Event Calendar