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    NPD Connected Intelligence website and premium report websites
Company & Premium Reports Websites
Connected Intelligence, part of The NPD Group, is an advisory service providing a mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The reports that Connected Intelligence put together for their clients include analysis of the devices, broadband access and content services consumed, focusing on the adoption and consumer behavior with these devices and services, as well as the merging technology and services that will impact the market moving forward. This is invaluable information that helps their clients make key buying, marketing and development deciscions about their products.
For this to be affective, Connected Intelligence needed a redesigned website focused on their reports in three distinct areas, Marketplace, Innovation and Devices. Working with our development partner OCI, Riverbed designed a new navigation structure, information hiearchy and graphics for the website. This included a system of icons that serve as a quick an easy reference guide. Now the reports are easier to find, understand and utilize. You can see the website here.

- Information Architecture
- Web Design
- Application Design
- User Interaction Design (UI)
- User Experience Design (UX)
- Responsive Design
- Icon Design