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International Advertising Festival.
Ideal place for catching the summer for a week or so, when it's almost gone, Batumi is a little resort city, situated on the coast of the Black Sea. Subtropical climate and warm sea at this time of the year make this city a perfect choice for work and fun at the same time. 

For past couple of years, every September, Batumi is welcoming creatives from all over the world. This time around International Advertising Festival - AdBlackSea'17 is held on a bigger scale, as the festival is growing bigger every year.

Morse code  It is named for Samuel F. B. Morse, an inventor of the telegraph
Each Morse code symbol represents either a text character letter or numeral. 
International maritime signal flags refers to various flags used to communicate with ships.
The principal system of flags and associated codes were published by the
British Board of Trade in 1857 entitled “Commercial Code of Signals” which eventually
became the International Code of Signals (ICS).
Flag semaphore  is the telegraphy system conveying information at a distance by means of
visual signals with hand-held flags.  Semaphores were adopted and widely used  in the
maritime world in the 19th century.
This season More Studio had the privilege to create visual style and creative platform for the festival. We have chosen marine communication as a main topic for inspiration, hence making hint to the resemblance of communication in real world of advertising. 
Communication in the sea. This is where the main theme of "Decode" is coming from. Besides decoding summer and decoding festival itself, we proposed guests to decode all the other things connected to Batumi, Black sea and chilling with good people in general.

There are different ways of communication in the sea, we tried to incorporate all of them into the visual style. We used Morse code, Flag semaphore and International Code of Signals for Vessels extensively, which gave us an engaging and distinctive creative platform we used in the visual style.