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    Silka Miesnieks and Christian LaFrance worked together to design the 'next' GPS device for driving and walking.
Pre-iPhone era, Keenhigh wanted to break into the Navigation Device market. Being a large electronic manufacture it tooked to Silka & colleague Christian La France to design a device what would be loved in Europe & America.
We wanted the device to truly fit into your ‘lifestyle’. It was to be carried with you and used for walking and driving directions.  Silka thoughtfully designed a device that was tapered and rounded on all sides so that it could easily slip into your pocket. It was covered in leather to feel warm to touch, a shaped like a pebble to snuggly and securely fit in your hand. With a magnet fastener and charger it was extremely easy to place and remove from it’s stand in the car... It was beautiful!

It only reach prototyping stage because the parts (then) where to expensive. Oh, how things have changed.