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Adobe MAX 2018, identity 3 + event graphics
Motion Graphics
After Effects
LIGHT: Color, balance, glow, movement, reflection, refraction.

For this year’s Adobe MAX conference, we wanted to combine light and motion to create unique animated stories on the streets of L.A., where MAX is returning after two years. We were inspired by Tao Tajima’s “Night Stroll.” We captured L.A. street scenes in beautiful 8K raw detail, then animated and composited the artist unique art, bringing their work to life.

Michela Picchi  is the third artist in the series. Her story released bodies of glowing, technicolor paint onto the LA streets. Some organic, some geometric, both abstract and representational. The simple shapes present themselves as friendly and fluid visitors from a very vibrant planet converging to attend Adobe MAX 2018!  Michela provided us with vector art in Adobe Illustrator CC. Glows, reflections, and motion were added in Adobe After Effects CC. Key frames featuring the art are below and be sure to check out the full length video toward the bottom. 

Short teaser video
Original Illustrator art

Final still image

Full length video with sound

Event graphics

Original art: Michela Picchi
Motion design and animation: Steve Ogden
DP, video: Mike Burton
Creative direction, video: Dan Cowles
Final still image: Neil Kryszak
Photo retouching and compositing: Dan Fullington
Creative direction, design: Kashka Pregowska-Czerw
Music: The Gymnast by White Flowers, Marmoset Music

Adobe MAX—The Creativity ConferenceOctober 15–17, 2018, Los Angeles, CA

Adobe MAX 2018, identity 3 + event graphics