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    In 2 hours Silka created a storyboard that let Dekko to test an idea with users, against a business model and with the engineering team.
These sketches where created quickly to test an idea we had at Dekko. Lo-Fi concept sketching is a great way of learning what works with users, with a business models and with engineering. 
Sketch 1: You're thinking about decorating your home. Pick a chair you love.
Sketch 2: Open the AR app and select a piece of furniture.
Sketch 3:  Where do you want to place it in your home?
Sketch 4:  See if the chair looks good in your home. Place it, change it's color, rotate it and move it until it fits perfectly where you want it. Now you can share this with your partner or purchase it. 
Sketch 1: Illustrating this game concept we were nutting over, helped us see the opportunities, obsicles and playability of the idea.
Sketch 2: This was another version of the game above.
Sketch 3: This game idea included an advertising model.