Branding for “Magur” cheese

Client: Eco Gazda
Location: Ukraine
Year: 2018
Activities: Brand Strategy, Naming, Tone of voice, Brand identity, Packaging, Illustrations

Cheese “Magur” is made by Carpathian masters of cheese making in highlands in small volumes with a special approach to the process. Our goal was to create integrated branding for the craft cheese manufacturer. We had to find a special way to tell about special cheese.

We have created a brand to transmit an atmosphere, mood and environment where people making cheese work. We emphasized mystery of highlands with rare herbs, which affects the quality of milk and the taste of cheese in a special way.
Our team has developed a brand strategy, naming, positioning, design of a series of labels and cardboard packaging.
As a result, in the first season the sales plan was doubled.

Magur: Branding