Trell is India's Fastest Growing Travel & Local Experience Discovery Platform. I worked with the in-house design team to create the following deliverables adhering strictly to brand guidelines and maintaining consistency with the defined minimal style. 
           Hope you are doing good. It was nice to connect with you on a call. When it 
           comes to creators, supporting their growth and success is incredibly important 
           to us. 

           So I would like to introduce you to the Trell Creators' Program. You would be 
           part of a community of creators where each one is inspiring people in their own
           unique way.

           You can now focus on content creation and leave the editing, captioning &
           distribution to us.   
We would make your content engaging

With our in-house talented graphic designers, video editors, creative writers we 
can package your image and videos in formats that are widely consumed. We                would edit videos & images for you. We would write engaging captions for your journey. 

Reach a larger audience

Your content would be regularly shared on all of our social media platforms, with full credits to your profile.  Notifications & emails would be scheduled to let everyone in our user base know about your trails. We would invest in buying advertisement spaces for your content on relevant websites.
Keep yourself updated

We would share insights about how people are engaging with your content - likes, shares, comments etc. We would keep you updated on the kind of content audience wants to consume. A weekly report about these would be shared with you. 

To accomplish this, there is no catch or cost involved. Read our points below:
We would request rights to use content that you share with us, images & videos on social media profiles. 
We would request usage rights of your Trell profile 
We would require content that can help us create at least 4 trails per month. That would mean 3-4 places that you explore in a month with 10-12 short videos or images for each place
The content, images and videos would remain your intellectual property. 
You will have full authority to take down the content, your profile and advertisements anytime you want. 

Please acknowledge this email and confirm your acceptance to work with us

If you have any queries, you can reach out to me via email or call/ Whatsapp at +91-9008394324