My name is Carolina, an experienced food and people photographer. I work proactively and creatively in photo shooting and editing for events, commercial shoots, family portraits, product and profile pictures. I have worked in Australia and New Zealand to capture the best moments of people's lives and help businesses and sole traders with commercial photos. 
Have a look at the promos and find the most suitable for you.
Lime Pie will do the rest to provide sweet photos!
Congrats on your engagement! 
Lime Pie will be there capturing the best moments from pre-wedding preparation to the end of the celebration.
Good job on thinking about updating your profile photo. Lime Pie will do outdoors/indoors shots based on
lifestyle, website photos or your LinkedIn profile.
Best wishes for your celebration. 
Lime Pie will professionally look after your
event at the church, temple or festival.
Happy birthday! Happy Anniversary!
Lime Pie will celebrate with you photo shooting at parties for all ages.
That food smells good! 
Lime Pie will go to your place and do food styling if required or just photograph your dishes as they come onto the table.
Have you got something to sell or promote? 
Lime Pie will design a photo session for your product.
Find your suitable and affordable package from Lime Pie.
*GST is included in each promo as well as a single photographer and online delivery of the photos.