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    Genuine goat leather rpg dice bag with the "Tool eye" as an emblem.
For some time I wanted to create a wargaming dice bag and due to a very special person's birthday, I had the opportunity to do so. As it was made for a gamer who is a huge fan of the band "Tool" my first thought, which I desided to keep, was to combine these two into something  interesting and yet creepy.
One of the many well known artwork pieces that follow the bands artistic and alternative expression is none other that "the eye", which I recreated out of  polymer clay.  Some lighting effects on the pupil and the the skin  and shadows in the white part of the eye are made with acrilic paint.
The design of the pouch is a fairly simple one, however it is made out of genuine goat leather that is very soft and smooth. The two beads on each end of the rope are made of polymer too and match the color of the pupil.
In order to shoot such an item in a way that would show off its character, I chose to place it amongst other items used in gaming ,such as dice and books and create a sort of tresury look.