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    Oil, acrylic, Bible-marker and pencil on Bockingford paper (2013)
'Scarlet Lake', Oil, acrylic, Bible marker and pencil on Bockingford paper, 76x56cm (2013) 
This piece is showing our ever changing emotions and vulnerability, represented by evaporating roses in the woman's hair, and how there is strength and beauty in being open and vulnerable, like a rose..... 
The title of this piece is tied into the symbolic meaning of the red rose, which is why I have named it after the colour 'Scarlet Lake', which is a pure red pigment used in many paints that is made from a vegetable-based dye. The red rose is undeniably the most beautiful among all the roses, full blooded and rich. The incredibly beautiful Cleopatra used the red rose to carpet her bedroom when she received Antony. The red rose traditionally symbolises Love, Respect, Courage & Passion – as so described in Floriography. Floriography or the language of flowers is an elegant and subtle code that was used to express feelings and emotions that the speakers were not willing to vocalise during the Victorian era. As the language of flowers contained more than just roses; the plants, herbs and flowers that they’re grouped with can add subtle nuances to their message of innocence and purity...
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