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    Photoshoot for a book about Asset-Management for the Dutch Government. We used 50 rolls of yellow duck tape....
Design Agency VormVijf asked me to do a series of portraits for Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment ) with the subject, Asset management. After the first meeting with the text editor and designer we started off with creating a good, steady concept for the photography.
Assetmanagement, popularly known by people as, how to keep everything nice and dandy, is used within the government to keep the work flow efficient. If we bring back Asset Management to its bare bones, it means that you always exactly know what you're belongings are and how you handle them now and in the future. Various organizations and groups must work together, better and on top of it all, more effectively.
With that knowledge it seemed hard to make this concept it into a image series. We came up with an idea. In the book the co-operation between organizations is illustrated by means of  yellow lines. The portrayed employees are all people that are important anchors and have positions in the organization. These positions are illustrated in the book as anchor points and the yellow lines illustrated the connections between the different organizations.  The idea was to bring these lines into the set, where they would create a continuous play of lines with no beginning, nor end to form the idea of newly created collaborations between organizations. The lines were created by using yellow gaffer tape.
Photography, concept and duck-taping: Marcel Kentin 
Graphic Design and concept: Design Agency VormVijf
Art-Direction, concept and duck-taping: Joris Smidt