From skepticism to safety

Redesign led to increased use and sales of parking-den for dogs


Den4Dogs (formerly Norsk hundeparkering) has developed and sold parking-dens for dogs since 2005. As Norwegian law prohibits dogs to be outside without supervision, and in conjunction with strict restrictions on their allowance inside public spaces such as restaurants and cafes, Den4Dogs offers a solution to the daily challenge many dog owners face. The shelter legally allows owners a place to leave their beloved dogs whilst they shop, allaying their fears that something may happen, be it, aggression from other passing animals, or being stolen by passers-by. The shelters have been thoroughly tested and recommended by Norwegian dog schools and veterinarians, and have been specifically designed to ensure your dog is comfortable.


Den4Dogs experienced that their first version of parking-dens was greeted with skepticism among dog owners and as a result were not being used widely. This led to a need for further development of the product, and much-needed research into how the product could be communicated in a way that would dispel skepticism and increase more users.

Collaboration &
the design process

Den4Dogs contacted Innovation Norway and received support for product development, brand strategy and visual identity. The new product was re-developed by Eggs Design who in close dialogue with Den4Dogs, and testing along the way, made changes to the den. Following this, Maskinen were contacted by Den4Dogs, in order to help them develop a new brand strategy based on their values and goals. Based on the product, challenge, background and brand strategy, Blå Design developed three different designs. The designs were presented, evaluated and tested on dog owners and the one that hit the target group best was chosen, finalized and implemented on the product, brochures and websites.



Product development
The new dens include integrated ventilation, automatic disinfection, key cards and innovatively used the production method ‘Greensir’ for the side walls. The Den has a simple, yet appealing aesthetic, and is made of plastic materials large parts of which can be recycled.

Brand strategy
Maskinen then developed the brand strategy with the focus "for the love of dogs". In addition, they created the new English name Den4Dogs, taking into account their ambitions to expand internationally.

Visual identity
The new visual identity was given a friendlier face – a talking dog figure, which goes in and out of the den, and tells to the dog owners within a speech bubble that it likes being in the den. The shapes and colors used are based on the design of the product in order to create a clear brand recognition and association. A quality stamp and symbols were also developed to show Den4Dogs qualities efficiently and that their use is recommended by Norwegian dog schools and veterinarians.


After the improved product with its new name and visual identity was launched, both the sale and use of dog shelters has increased significantly. Den4Dogs has witnessed skepticism disappearing, and increasing perception from dog owners aware of what the product is and what it will be used for. The visual identity has also helped to "soften” the product, so hesitance to try it has decreased. In addition, Den4Dogs have experienced an easier conveyance of who they are and what they are doing, and as such have in recent years expanded to Denmark, Sweden and England.

Product design:
Brand strategy:
Visual identity:



We have developed a new identity for Den4Dogs as a part of their new strategy to increase the sale and use in Norway, and to pursue the internati Read More