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    Poppy & Red are two friends Anna Deegan and Paula McGloin, who joined together in 2011 to develop a collection of illustrations for stationary and accessories. Since then they have continued to work together, fusing their imaginations to invent more fun and inspired creations. The illustrative duo, Anna from Dublin and Paula from Sligo, possess an optimistic style that is retro-inspired, whimsical and playful. They love working with patterns and rich colour palettes. Nature, the animal kingdom and everyday life inspires their artwork. They like to approach each new project with a fresh outlook and plenty of positivity!

    Check out our website or drop us a mail at poppyandred@gmail.com.
  • Christmas Card Collection 2012
  • Petit Robin Red Breast - Christmas Card Collection 2012
  • Snowy Owl - Christmas Card Collection 2012
  • Birds of Paradise - iPhone Case design for kovet.ie
  • Birds of Paradise - Artwork
  • Poppy & Red members Paula McGloin and Anna Deegan at the launch of Kovet's exclusive range of illustrated cases 2012.
  • Sea Folk - Artwork
  • Fishy Business - Artwork
  • Is maith liom cupán tae! - Artwork
  • Irish Weather - Artwork
  • "Froufrou" and "Ditsy Flowers" - Patterns Throw Pillow covers
  • "Very Berry" and "Cute as a Fox" - Patterns for iPhone Case accesories
  • Vintage Sewing - Artwork for Surface Pattern design
  • Floral Fusion - Artwork for Surface Pattern design
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