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What pen did you use?

What pen did you use?
2018 - Master's Project, MA Visual Communication
For my Master's Project I made a four canvas calligraphic mural. For the calligraphy I used items not traditionally intended for writing, as to explore the importance of the writing instrument. In addition to the four canvas mural, I made a booklet with photos of each of the items, with a description on how they behaved as tools for writing. I rated them on ink holding abilities, stroke texture and shape. 
Each canvas is 244 cm tall and 122 cm wide. 
Artist statement:
Today everything is instantly accessible to us, and we are used to getting things quickly; wanting to learn calligraphy is no exception. It’s easy to forget the dedication and years of practice that this artform necessitates, and many seem to place too much emphasis on specific tools. Skilled calligraphers and lettering artists receive a lot of questions on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, about which tools they are using. Granted, using the appropriate nibs, brushes & pens can be of help to achieve certain styles, but not unless you know how to wield them. 
My work is an investigation into this phenomenon. How important is the pen, the nib or the brush?
What pen did you use?