CHARISMA: Robotics Laboratory Branding
CHARISMA Research Lab at OSU Branding: 
Collaborative Humans and Robots: Interaction Sociability, Machine learning, & Art. - Robotics Lab.
A Branding Project in 5 Steps:  
1. Brand Definition (Perthshire Brand Wheel 
2. Ideation / Sketching
3. Brand Directions 
4. Choose a Direction 
5. Finalize the Brand + Website Wireframes.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator / Sketch / Paper / Pencil / Google Docs
Timeline: 3 Weeks.

Outcomes: A New Branding identity
Any project starts with a quick conversation. Reaching out for help.
Step 1: Perthshire Brand Wheel.
Identity / Branding Starts with getting on the same page.
Heather filled out the brand wheel help communicate some of the aspect of the new research lab brand.
Step 2: Sketching
The process sparked some initial sketch / ideas from Heather Knight - The Director of the Charisma Laboratory at OSU. She had some ideas of what her brand should look like and was working with me to get to a more polished final. Brand identity is inherently a collaborative endeavor. Heather had an idea but needed help executing it.
Identity Sketches and ideas the robotics laboratory at OSU.
Initial digital exploration from Sketch and Illustrator.
Step 3.1: Branding Directions

Round 1: Identity Concepts
Round 2: Identity Concepts
Step 4: Choose a Direction
Charisma Logo Variations
Step 5: Finalize the New Brand
Final CHARISMA Logo with 2 Lockups.
Step 5: Consider a Website that holds the Research Lab Brand.
More to come....
CHARISMA: Robotics Laboratory Branding

CHARISMA: Robotics Laboratory Branding

A Robotics laboratory branding project for CHARISMA at OSU.


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