Iceberg by Hannah Fink
Created on Gantri
Iceberg is created using Gantri's Table Lights Product System, which provides a standard set of components, resources and toolkit to help designers develop high-quality products easily.

Iceberg is inspired by the arctic, but it brings warmth to any room. Like an ice floe, it seems simple at first. Beneath the surface, its beauty expands. Its rocky shape gives off glowing gradients of light, and its geometric peaks double as spots to place a phone or tablet. Its part light, part sculpture, and all style.
Hannah Fink
A Brooklyn-based artist, Hannah Fink’s designs and process are rooted in experimentation. She specializes in metalwork, while exploring new mediums and fabrication methods. Craftsmanship and the physicality of making help define her pieces, as the materials often demand their own form and personality. Her work exists somewhere between sculpture and furniture, incorporating the decorative arts in a functional manner. Fink has her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Vassar College and is currently pursuing her Master’s of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.

Iceberg was manufactured by Gantri in San Francisco. The body of the product is constructed with our in-house 3D printing technologies and then carefully hand-finished by local craftsmen to achieve a smooth luxurious finish. High quality pre-engineered components are then assembled with the body and quality checked before they are delivered to customers.
Gantri is a designer-first manufacturer based in San Francisco. Using smarter design and advanced 3D printing technologies, we help designers worldwide turn ideas into high-quality design products.

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Iceberg by Hannah Fink