A self initiated brief to create an awerness campaign to inform corruption found in the arms trade. 
The campaign aims to inform the consumer of Amnesty International and Control arms. This aims to aid the connection to sign the Arms Trade Treaty partition. 
Idea: The billboard image of the world is made of red stickers shaped like weapons, so the consumer can physically remove the weapon from the world and dispose of. Once the sticker has been removed you are left with a white shape to show peace and uncorrupt space. The colour red is to conotate corruption, blood and to keep consistant to the Control Arms brand. The idea of the interactivity of removing the stickers is so the consumer actually plays a role in the process of removing the currupt arms trade.
The images here represent the campeign over a period of time as the consumer interacts with the billboards. The secondary idea is for the consumer to further understand the ease of removing the weapon sticker is as easy as the distribution of real weapons around the world. The third reason for the stickers is that if they are not disposed of they are able to be stuck anywhere the consumer pleases, so over time they will appear on cash machines, bus stops, park benches and so on. This will raise the question to people that have not seen the campaign, "Where are all these 'weapons' coming from"?. That is the exact question I and millions of others are asking. I have included some of my digital process for those who are interested. Thanks for viewing and please feel free to comment.