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    A short docu-drama about the pros and cons of the shark diving tourism industry.
Marine Biologist Luke Tipple dreams of exploring the oceans and diving with sharks, yet he is frustrated with the increasing commercial nature of his Shark Diving adventures. Venturing outside the cage to swim with 16 foot Great White Sharks relieves the stress of ordinary life on the surface, but it isn’t enough to satisfy his need for adventure.
A chance discovery of a Great White Shark aggregation site in a remote corner of the planet is the start of an epic journey across the globe as this young, and sometimes headstrong marine biologist prepares for the ultimate challenge of being the first human to encounter these truly wild carnivores.
Shot on location in the crystal blue waters of Guadalupe Island, Mexico, home to the best Great White Shark diving on the planet, this docu-drama is a blend of reality and dramatic performance in this exploration into pro-shark film making, without the hype.
Written and Directed by: Mark Tipple
Produced by: Luke Tipple / What We Do Media
Luke Tipple
Scott Cassell
Cristine Gavin
Ian 'Woody' Woodcock
Aria Johnson
Production Team
Director of Photography: Brad Halstead
Underwater Director of Photography: Richard Theiss
2nd camera operator: Scott Cassell
Audio technician: Ryan Curry
Editor: Danny Bresnik
Music: David Mann