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Calendar of Fruits

Inspired by abundant fruit production in Taiwan throughout the year, the idea of making an infographic with the timely delicacies comes to mind. This infographic is actually a calendar which displays data in a circular layout to highlight the circularity of nature. With 28 kinds of fruits and the yearly rainfall and temperature data, it represents the importance to follow the time, and it expresses originality in Taiwan. Besides, in light of the severe health problems in Taiwan, the calendar includes nutritional advice of mineral and glucose intakes for the Hypertension and Hyperglycemia patients. In addition, the design of colorful dots indicates the body constitutions in Chinese Medicine, and it advises people to choose fruits accordingly. As the calendar combines statistics featuring elements in Taiwan, it would be a design inspired by the island and for the peoples living on the island.
The design adopts the 24 Solar Terms to indicate the timeline. The 24 Solar Terms in enlisted as UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016, but they have been valued as the primary source for Asian countries to observe and predict climate changes, and plan for the whole agricultural production. Hence, the Calendar of Fruits applies the round shape not merely for the implication of showing the Solar Terms as the core of the agricultural traditions, but further adopting the idea of circular nature of produces by the yearly clock.
Each track of dots represents the duration of production for each fruit. To correlate the track with the Solar Terms, one can easily find the beginning and ending of fruit productions. As a remark on the timely, it is great enjoyment to indulge oneself with local, freshly-picked fruits that contain better flavors and nutritional values, especially vitamin C. Eating seasonal fruits can reduce carbon emissions from lengthy transportation process and packaging. Having seasonal fruits leads to achieve a healthier and more sustainable life to oneself and the earth!
The design meanwhile takes the trends of nutritional consultation into consideration. The tracks with colors represent all 28 common fruits in Taiwan. The length of dots shows the the duration of production seasons. The colors, in 4 categories, represent the body constitutions in Chinese Medicines. Each category implies the features of fruits as one should recognize the dietary constructions and health promotion to his/her own needs.
In addition, high fasting plasma glucose, high body mass index, high blood pressure and impaired kidney function are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th health risk factor in Taiwan. With different body status, the rules of picking fruits are totally different. Thus, with assistance from dietitians, there is a figure combining the stats of Potassium (K) and the glycemic index (GI) of each fruit is displayed. Considering the daily quantity, glycemic index (GI) and potassium (K). With quadrant map, the patient with hypertension recommended high potassium; the diabetes patient  recommended low GI and chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient recommended low K. Further, lots of patients are comorbidity, and hence are strongly recommended to take low GI and K fruits. With this infographic, patients with special needs can easily choose the fruits accordingly.
Sources of Reference:
Bonne Chance Consultant & Co.
Central Weather Bureau
Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
World Weather Online

Information Design:
Re-lab - information processing, information structure design, art and illustration
Collaborator & Nutrition Consultant:
Bonne Chance Consultant & Co. - nutritional information and knowledge providing


Inspired by abundant fruit production in Taiwan throughout the year, the idea of making an infographic with the timely delicacies comes to mind. Read More


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