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    Dekko Monkey was a game designed for the real world using Augmented Reality technology developed by Dekko.co.
As looking through a camera, Dekko allows us to look through our devices to see digital content snapped on to the world. This is a hard concept to experience in words, so we created a game, Dekko Monkey. We’ve been told ‘you’re creating the future of gaming’.
We faced many first-time problems like, how do you teach someone to look through their device while playing a game; what guidance system do we use in a 3D space with a free camera; how do we make it feel like the device has disappeared; and how do we design around many technical limitations.
Building Dekko Monkey helped us find solutions. We realized the game has to life-like or players didn’t get it instantly; a tabletop area is a good size for tablet style games; the true value of this experience is when you can play with someone else.
Silka led the product strategy moving through a user experience design process of persona development, rapid prototyping, user and game testing, many iterations, visual design and working with engineers through the development phases. Her strong processes successfully helped direct technical decisions and captured the imagine our fans.
(Above) Robert Scoble Interview with Matt Miesnieks, CEO of Dekko
"EXCLUSIVE FIRST: Augmented reality is coming back: Dekko shows you how: MIND BLOWING!
Look at how Dekko does augmented reality and turned a simple table into a full-on virtual game. Coming this summer. Must watch to see the future!