We had the great pleasure to make a new visual identity system for MADE, a reality talent TV series for dexterous Africans in the entertainment industry. 

We are motivative, promotive and provide opportunities to showcase ultra-modern talent. We make the impossible possible, turn dreams into reality, and develop innovative champions and successors.

To highlight how various artforms around music individually play crucial roles in strengthening the artisitic nature, culture, and business of the industry.In addition, the goal is to create and develop a culture of recognition and longevity when it comes to music talents in the continent, as well as to accentuate the various forms of artistry embodided within the music that make up the contemporary culture and industry in Africa.

Original Music; African music and musicians, the African Entertainment industry.

Brand Focus
Collaboration and the production of original music lyrics, set prieces, instrumentals and groundbreaking creative performances.The activities in the show also focus on honing the potential of the participants, while also teaching them new skills through mentorship and collaboration from music industry giants
 Our work is based on a simple, strong and accessible logo in its form, a sign that synthesizes  four strong symbols  (originality, mark of excellence, stardom and letter m). Sophisticated concept with minimal approach yet silent vibrant, black and gold details that exemplify the luxurious and classic sensation of the atmosphere that MADE is aiming towards