After sketching old locomotives at Travel Town, I continued to study both the interior and exterior of trains through reference photos and Google Sketchup models. To make the trains look more authentic, I placed some of them into a more immersive environment – namely train stations.
Before visiting the Nethercutt, I did studies from Google Sketchup models to familiarize myself with the structure and proportions of automobiles.
The museum sketches were drawn relatively quickly in tonal marker and a black flair pen. Back at the studio, I took time to place them into an environment. Some of these sketches were completely redrawn to so stronger cutter pieces could be added to the foreground.
The weekend after the trip to Nethercutt, I attended the 2012 Car Classic showcasing amazing cars from all around the world. For most of them, both the car sketch and environment were drawn on location. Some, however, were brought to a more delicate finish in class the  following week.
I designed a plane inspired by a bird’s form. I first studied the wing shape of several birds, then decided that the falcon’s was to be the shape of my plane’s wing. Next, I designed the fuselage. The fuselage’s nose has a distinctive curved point reference from the hawk’s beak. The tail wings were likewise inspired by it.