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Motion Graphic Idents
Motion Graphics: Idents & Ads

Over the last several years I've created a few small animated idents and ads for personal projects and one using the Nike brand. For each one I also composed the sonic branding. These are fun little projects and I am happy to share them. 


Pitch Video
Invisible is rather transparent and all partners have access to Zoom sales calls. I noticed that Francis, the CEO, and other members of the sales team kept demoing the same thing over and over again. I realized that the demo could easily happen pre-sales call via a series of demo videos. That would save time for our sales team and potential clients. Better experience. Increased conversions.

So I pitched the idea of me producing this series of demo videos to Francis and he gave me the go-ahead. The problem was that I was aiming for ultra high quality and time was running out. As a product designer, I began to be sorely needed by PMs on other projects so I never got to finish the demo video. That is the cost of being at a young, fast-moving start-up.
After a while of being at Invisible, I started to realize that while the logo design was elegant and simple in its design, it lacked flexibility in terms of sizing. The pictorial aspect of the logo (square inside a circle) lacked presence when scaled down. So I added a fill and shrunk the square. Then I animated it for future use in the intro and outros for any future videos. Additionally, I added some sonic branding that syncs with the animation. 
Part of my time with Rootalky was devoted to developing their brand identity and part of that process was the development of an animated logo which is meant to be used as an intro and outro to all future marketing videos. The entire project case study can be viewed here
Spectrasonics Logo Redesign & Animation
I gave Spectrasonics a freebie here and they weren't interested. Still, I was pretty happy with what I did with their logo. Here is their current logo

Note how the pyramid is not symmetrical as it makes room for the 'S' to fit on the left side. Note the drop shadow and slight beveling to the text. Kind of gives it a tacky feel IMHO. And the "VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS" just makes the whole thing busier then it has to be. I fixed all these problems and then some below.
Omega Origin Ident
Omega Origin was a video game that I was designing for a while. I did a lot of concept art for that project as well as writing the rules of the game. In order to attract a team of developers I created this ident. Unfortunately due to the enormous scope of the project, due to the fact that it was an MMORPG, things didn't pan out. 
Nike : Just Do It (Rapid Fir3)
One day I just randomly started story boarding a very short ident for Nike. I can't remember what spurred that on even because it's out of character for me to use a pre-existing brand to demonstrate my skills. I think I was watching some long form video of theirs online and noticed that their interstitial idents were weak or something and thought I could do better. Anyways, this is the result. Brief. Hard. Rapid.

Shapes + Colors
This was an ident I designed to go for a baby educational series I wanted to do. 
Magicrew World Ad Animation
This is an ad I did for one of the tees that I was attempting to sell on my e-com site The 17 second 2D animated portion took around 1.5 months to complete in Toon Boom Harmony. That was a painful experience. The rest was mo-graphed in After Effects.

First I will show the isolated 17 second 2D animation part with logo outro. You can see the lines better on this 16:9 ratio version as compared to the full ad version that follows which is in 9:16.
And this is the animation with the advertisement section (product image and copy). The reason I framed this in the 9:16 aspect ratio is because I ran it as an ad in the Facebook feed and as an Instagram Story.
Here is a little square video ad I made, for Instagram and the Facebook feed, to promote my (0de\/\/0rmz tee.
Motion Graphic Idents

Motion Graphic Idents

Over the last several years I've created a few small animated idents for personal projects and one using the Nike brand. For each one I also comp Read More