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    Recycled material in jewelry and accessories design.
From Waste to Jewelry
Recycled Material in Accessories Design

The primary purpose of accessories is decorative without any doubt, but the secondary functions, such as self-labeling, identity, expression, communication with the environment are present. As gem symbols of eternity, re-use materials reflect on temporality, on nowadays.

The project is based on a study of the process where recycled product can turn back from waste to a useful, desirable and pleasing object.

The accessories differ both in material and form, and also style. Recycled materials, such as wires, hollow fiber cables, fans, microchips, used for all the jewelries are taken from EMP in Lithuania (electronic processing machinery recycling company).

The photosession was made in the recycling plant. Ladies in photos are the EMP operators working on waste sorting line. They are those who first make contact to the materials from which these accessories were created.