7 Ingredients to avoid - Personal Care Infographic

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    ✪Top Ingredients to AVOID in Personal✪ ✪Care, Beauty and Skin Care products✪
    SAFE TO USE ✪ Personal Care, ✪ Body Care and ✪ Skin Care products
    What you put on your skin can go into your body to affect your health and sense of well-being – either negatively or positively. You can choose which … if you know the facts.
    Commercial products with harmful petroleum ingredients can plasticize and “constipate” your skin, making germs more likely to get in and toxins less likely to get out of your body.
    The result: Neither you nor your skin are as radiant or as healthy as you could be.
    Every day we use products that we think are safe; but the truth is that products are NOT safe – and manufacturers don’t have to tell us so.  Most of the 25,000 chemicals used have not been tested for long-term toxic effects.
    In a typical day, you might be exposed to over 200 different chemicals, many of which are suspected of causing cancer or juggling hormones. ”Start checking all product labels.  Avoid these harmful, hazardous ingredients!