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6th Internatıonal Student Triennal
Connecting The Dots 
The 6th International Student Triennial, with the title Connecting the Dots / Noktaları Birleştirelim, aims to rethink art / design and its education, to contemplate on the established discourses, to discuss the future of art / design and it’s education, and to highlight different approaches by gathering scholars of various disciplines from around the world.
As an idiom, “Connecting the Dots” refers to a simple process of creativity and the obvious connection between elements. On the other hand, as a metaphor it suggests completeness, connectivity and interaction of many components. The Triennial will serve in connecting the dots to define or suggest new contexts and concepts. The title, which emphasizes the unifying and fundamental qualities of art and design, encourages also an interdisciplinary rethinking in finding new connections.