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There's a belief we never like to believe. 
Still it exists, 
Still we never believe. 
We have to understand that 
something never leaves. 
And that there's a story of within 
in between all of us.
Behind that gigantic walls, 
there's answers of whys. 
Some questions even as answers too! 

Give me something real. 
Secretly, I was being true. 
If you have power to break me, I have power to make me. 
Nothing but love dear soul sister
Some trains never come back, never ever. 
What I say wouldn't matter anyway
so I kept saying until that started to matter
well, you have to fight to get what you want
One of those days when I was always a wanderer. I asked myself why.
But some questions remain as answers, quietly. 
Passed through different phases of time
but no thing made me die. No one has right to kill you until you give up ! 
One morning, I saw myself dead. 
what news you have brought this time, oh birds