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    A display of my work envolving environment design
Environments has been one of my favorite things to draw for quite some time now. Ever since I watched Blade Runner and saw the amazing futuristic decaying urban environments created by Syd Meid. I enjoy world building more than I do story telling. There is the saying in film "show dont tell", I firmly believe in the power and the vast amounts of narrative that can be givin with the minimalist amount of information. While I also believe in high fidelity, I also believe in giving the viewer an experience with out using words
While I cant honestly say I have master this subject. I still enjoy designing environments
Here is the actual video that is this project headings name sake. This was an experiment into how much character and movement I could get out of still images.
These two videos are a test shot and an animatic from my senior animation film that will not be used. I posted them because while unfinished and unpolished still convay how I like to use environments
These are all illustrations done digitally exploring layouts colors and camera angles
These Final images are 3d renders of an apartment done in Maya. While not illustrations they use my two favorite color schemes