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    10 week project together with a product and an interaction designer.
This 10 week project tookplace in the fall of 2009 when students from all of the mastersprograms at the Umeå Insitute of Design joined forces to explore spacetravel with a laser technology invented by Dr Leik Myrabo at LightcraftTechnologies Inc.

Our group ( Metin Kaplan from the AdvancedProduct Design-program, Terry Lim from the Interaction Design-programand myself from the Transportation Design-program) created the fictiveSpaceliner Aurora that offers  space business-travel that can take youhalfway around the world in 45 min.

Ourscenario sets place in 2029, the beginning of the lightcraft era wherethe technology is new and expensive and therefore aims at majorcorporations, Executives and VIPs, or just people that believes thattime is money.

Here below I present my part in the process, mainly interior design of the lightcraft. Due to calculated proportions and surface treatment of the exterior, nothing could be changed more than cut lines. Landing gears where constructed by ourself and the whole package fits according to calculations of weight and size. This is as real as it gets, even though it looks science fiction.

The final presentation video can be found at the bottom of this post where the whole system, architecture and infrastructure of the lightport, distribution of the lightcraft and passenger service is presented. Enjoy!
Aired on BBC´s Documentary series "Wallace & Gromits World of Invention" S01E06!