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Season 6 Teasers  /  Role: Director
I worked with HBO marketing and my team at Imaginary Forces to create this series of 3 teasers for Game of Thrones Season 6. Referencing HBO’s expansive world and re-imagining it through stylized, slow motion and house-specific reveals, we created a visually stimulating experience utilizing physically accurate cloth simulation, intricately animated matte painting composites, and immersive sound design.

Behind the Scenes Montage
Pitch Frames
These are the frames from the "Battle Banner" concept pitched to HBO. Created by myself and Lindsey Mayer-Beug. Various other ideas were explored, but the final teasers ended up remarkably close to these frames.
Alternate Concepts
I also explored an alternate concept focussed on Long Claw, Jon Snow's sword. Season 5 had ended with a major cliffhanger regarding his fate, so using his sword would have been a fun way to throw fuel on the fire of speculation.
CG Long Claw tests I created to demonstrate that we could execute the concept in a photorealistic manner.
Another design exploration of the "Battle Banner" concept, this time putting all 3 in the same teaser. Showing them in tatters across a battlefield, signifying the greater threat on the horizon for all the houses.
Date Reveal
One potential additional element we designed was a season premiere date reveal. Sound design with memorable quotes from the show echoing through the fog would accompany the date slowly emerging.
Alt Lannister Looks
There were concerns that the blood red sunset behind the Lannister flag was too over the top. We explored some subtler alternatives, but ended up keeping the original sunset.
Once the concept and design frames were approved, we moved into previs. Although relatively simple in terms of camera movement, it took quite a few rounds to figure out the best overall timing that felt dramatic without being too slow.
Animation & Compositing

The biggest challenge at this point was bringing our scenes to life. It is one thing to create a matte painting that works as a still, but it is all the moving details that make it feel alive.

Produced by: Imaginary Forces

Creative Director: Jeremy Cox
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
Producer: Will Arnold
Designers: Jeremy Cox, Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Henry Chang
Additional Designs: Max Strizich, Theo Daley
Compositors: Jeremy Cox, Manu Gaulot, Joe Pistono, Jeen Lee
3D Animators: Joe Pistono, Jeremy Cox, Chris Russo
2D Animators: Yeon Jin Kim, Bhakti Patel
Matte Painters: Tim Matney, Erika Lee
Sound Design: Butter Music & Sound
Sound Mix: Mr. Bronx
Game of Thrones Teasers

Game of Thrones Teasers



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