Virtual Build

Four years ago I started to think about a car, which I really would like to drive and race. My past car guy experience and feelings don’t allow me to buy the passion — I must build it. This way of doing things is a great cause and opportunity to document a process. Or to simulate it, firstly.

In the book, I show my thoughts, solutions and view of building the street & circuit car.

Part one
  7–13 Introduction
15–19 Chassis
21–33 Suspension
35–43 Brakes
45–53 Steering

Part two (new layout)
44–59 Engine
60–61 Transmission
62–67 Interior
68–78 Exterior
Part two is based on the new layout, so page numbers are counter to the previous part.
Part one
210 × 297 mm

Part two
176 × 250 mm

Paper from Liliya Holding “Plane-table for graphic arts ‘Ships’”, 180 g/m²

Serif text by 0.4±0.1 mm custom nib, specially made for this layout.
Serif header by Leonardt Tape 1 nib.
Sans by Rotring Tikky Graphic 0.1.
Koh-I-Noor Polycolor and Dervent pencils.

Thanks to Sasha Lokhtin, Warick Lee and folks from automotive forums.
A source text is proofreaded: chapters 1–3 are by Roma Mamin, part two is by Fyodor Shatukho.
Virtual Build

Virtual Build

A hand-written book is about building 4-door R32 Skyline: from a bare chassis to the complete racecar. Daily usage also. Genuine calligraphy and Read More