This is a research book about the different aspects of adrenaline. 
Adrenaline works in many different ways, but it’s mainly the bodies defence system to cope with stress, fear and danger.
Some people seek the feeling more than others, and in my book I have been trying to figure out why that is. I also wanted to go deeper into the things that happen during an adrenaline rush.
The typography and the layout is based on a graphic language that I developed while researching and experimenting around the subject Adrenaline as a feeling.
I have divided the book into two sections. One about how adrenaline works, facts and information. This section has the additional colour red. The second section of my book is about the mind of an adrenaline junkie. I interviewed different people that one normally sees as extreme risk takers. The main character is the world champion in base-jumping, 2010, Espen Fadnes. In this section I used a yellow/orange colour to reinforce the energy.
This book is interactive. Behind many if the pages its hidden messages and further explanation about the previous pages.
I did this because adrenaline works just the same way. If your willing to take the next steps even further, you will discover more. Good and bad.
I created a timeline so that people would get a better understanding in what’s going on during a rush. This is also the benefit of French binding. Which allows the pages to be dragged out to a much larger scale.