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    Label design for the non-alcoholic products of Weninger Winery.
Weninger Winery
Label design competition
The Weninger Winery is a little family business near to the border of Austria and Hungary. The labels were designed for their non-alcoholic products (red wine vinegar, verjus and grape seed oil). The winery place great emphasis on the biological sustainability and they consider the origin of the products is very important, therefore the main elements of the labels are the coat of arms, the place of origin and in small amount of production the numbering with hands. More about Weninger.
The idea of the coat of arms comes from the names of the two village where Weninger family have vineyards. The wolf comes from Balf which german name is Wolfs, while the oak comes from the original meaning of Horitschon, that is “oakforest“. 
The three pictograms are based on winery tools. Beside of these I made three line systems, that means the subjective experience of the products. The verjus is both refreshing and thrilling, the oil is soft and smooth and the vinegar is stinging and hard. This line system appear also on the edge of the labels so the bottle can be identified from side too.