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Castle Rock
Main Title / Role: Director
Enter the world of Castle Rock through the pages of Stephen King's books. Inspired by the textures of a well loved paperback; from the creased dog eared cover, to the broken spine, to notes in the margins, we embraced the medium from which Stephen King comes. Filled with references and Easter eggs, it raises as many questions as it answers about what is to come in Castle Rock.

We pursued many different concepts before arriving on the final direction. Throughout the process we'd been primarily looking at how to show Castle Rock as a place, and keeping the Stephen King connections subtle. But with the direction we ended up going with, the entire concept is about those connections, and the origin of the town being from within his books.

This is what we pitched that lead to the final piece.
Pitch reference
Style frames by Max Strizich
Title frame by Max Strizich
Design frames by Max Strizich and Henry Chang
Final title frame by Max Strizich and Henry Chang
Marketing & Recption
Although we didn't create any final marketing elements, Hulu used the title sequence's paperback aesthetic, typeface, and logo as central branding elements for the show.
The mystery of the Stephen King references used in the title sequence has intrigued fans of the show, leading to deep explorations into the references and Easter eggs, and possible significance they might hold.

Produced by Imaginary Forces​​​​​​​

Creative Director: Jeremy Cox
Art Director: Max Strizich
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
Head of Production: Aleen Kim
Producers: Tess Sitzmann, Aleen Kim
Designers: Max Strizich, Henry Chang, Clint Chang, Sam Alexander, Nathan Goodell, Griffin Frazen, Arisu Kashiwagi, Ann Kreutzkamp
Animators & Compositors: Max Strizich, Henry Chang, Clint Chang, Austin Marola
Editors: Nate Buchik, Luca Campanale, Rachel Ambelang
Coordinator: Christine Hernandez
Castle Rock Main Title

Castle Rock Main Title



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